Imagination Tote Bags - Colour your own

Let your child's imagination run free with our colour your own themed T-shirts.

Material: 100% cotton.


  • Carry/shoulder straps (67cm long).
  • Large print area.
  • Capacity 10 litres.


Markers Included:

  • 8 assorted coloured textile fabric markers with 4.8mm bullet brush tips.
  • Can be used to colour in teddies, fabrics, t-shirts to give your own style & make parties even more creative.
  • When the design is finished, the t-shirt can be ironed over to make the design permanent (up to a 60 degree wash).
  • Colours may be air cured for at least 24 hours then ironed over. Colours are non-washable once fixed, washable before ironing.
  • 8 assorted vivid colours: black, blue, red, yellow, brown, green, pink, purple.

Imagination Tote Bags - Colour your own